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Screencapture with animated gif support!

In may last year i promised to create a component which could
take screenshots and save them in a gif image, and here it
FINALLY is. :)

This component can be used in ANY kind of application, royalty
free with only 1 demand: credits!



This component can create screenshots of the screen (or
portions of the screen).

You can set a region of what you want to "photograph" by
calling the function

=> TtspScreenCapture.SetRegion(ARegion: TCaptureRegion)

After setting the region you must specify a capture mode.
there are 4 capturemodes:

- cmStillBitmap
- cmStillJPEG
- cmStillGIF
- cmMotionGIF

Now you can take a still image by calling the function

=> TtspScreenCapture.GetStillImage: TCaptureResult;

According to the chosen capture mode you can access the
screenshot in the proper TGraphic object:

=>   TCaptureResult = record
VBitmap: TBitmap;
     VJPEG: TJPEGImage;
     VGIFImage: TGIFImage;

With these objects you can save the images to wherever you want

Motion gifs require a little different approach.

First you must set the capture mode to cmMotionGIF.
Accordingly you must set the interval in which a screenshot
should be taken by setting the property

=> TtspScreenCapture.MotionGifInterval: integer

This property is in milliseconds. (1 second = 1000 millisecond)

Everything is now ready for capturing.

To activate the capturing set the property

=> TtspScreenCapture.Active: boolean;

to true.

while capturing you can read the current GIFImage by calling the

=> TtspScreenCapture.GetMotionGif: TGIFImage;

To stop capturing set the Active property back to false.

The final Gif image is again accesible by calling the function



The component also contains a function benchmark. this is a very simple
function which calculates how much frames can be captured in 10 seconds.

the result value is in captured frames per second (rounded).


well, this wraps it up for now.

Good luck with using this component in your application!

Nevertheless i have 1 more thing to tell you:

1. DON'T forget to credit me in your application. You got this for free
   so it would be quite fair to do this simple thing.


Have fun,

Christiaan ten Klooster


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