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Send characters to another control (in any application)

There are several methods to send keystrokes or characters to a WinControl. The SetKeyboardState requires the control to have the focus but can send more (esp. special) keys.
The use of WM_CHAR message enables you to send characters even to a hidden control unless you have found out the handle of it (there are a couple of ways to find out a controls handle).
Once you've got it, you can send messages to it.

I'm using this method for a little tool to "type" certain frequently used phrases while posting to newsgroups.

I hardcoded the handle of the edit control of my favorite newsreader and now I have a small and handy tool to type messages faster than ever.

// === code starts here ===

procedure SendMsg(const h: HWND; const s: string);
  i: integer;
  if h = 0 then
  if Length(s) = 0 then
  for i:= 1 to Length(s) do
    if Ord(s[i]) in [9, 13, 32..254] then
      SendMessage(h, WM_CHAR, Ord(s[i]), 0);

// === code ends here ===


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